PPPoE on linux with BT and Vigor130

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I’m one of those weird people that still runs a “Linux router”. This means I have a PCEngines APU2 board and use a Draytek 130 modem. The reason I do this is because I like the control it gives me, and I can run things like dnsdist, powerdns in combination with DHCP. It gives me nice hostnames, so I can access my webcam via nice URL’s. I also run this blog on the machine, as well as my nextcloud instance.

K2Five: (Process) Escalations

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K2Five’s new workflow designer is a great improvement over the old designers. Improvement and innovation can’t always be made on top of legacy supported systems. This means that some features change and/or might not be available at this time of first release. The new designer is a big change and i’d like to highlight some changes here with regards to process and activity escalations. One element that the new workflow designer currently does not have is Process Escalations.

K2Five: Creating an asynchronous event

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With the new release of K2 five and it’s workflow designer, we do not have the capability to write custom code in our workflow anymore. For some, this is a shocker and unbelievable. Having no code in your workflow has been a best practice for some organizations for years and as a low-code platform, it’s a nobrainer. However, there are requirements that always required code in the past, one of those Asynchronous server events.

K2’s 4.6.11 – For Each Wizard

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With the release of K2 4.6.11 a new wizard has been added to the k2 blackpearl software. It’s the For Each wizard, which might surprise you. How can a workflow engine like K2 not have a For Each option? It’s quite simple once you understand how the K2 workflow engine works. Activities and line rules determine the flow of the process. Questions like ‘Does your workflow have branch and merge options?

"Syncing" outlook 2013 with Owncloud

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Update: Although the below worked in the past, it’s not ideal. I’ve recently discovered https://caldavsynchronizer.org/ which is an active project and works very well! As some of you might know, i’m quite fond of my privacy. Together with the fact that i still run my own server at home, this resulted in me investing some time on OwnCloud. I use it to sync my contacts and some files that I use for work.