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SharePoint Conference Seattle, Day 4

So, the conference has already been finished for a few days. I still have some comments about Day 4 around. IBP302 - Managing the Data in your database using the DataView Web Parts - No Code Needed! This session got my attention because of the No Code Needed and because ‘normally’ data is provided to sharepoint using the BDC. I’ve also used the DataView Web Part to show list data in a different format using XSLT.

SharePoint Conference Seattle, Day 2

Update is a little slow, lots of things to do here, the rest of the days will probably be when i’m back at home :S AG300 - Your data is in SharePoint, Now What? This session was presented by Adam Buenz, he works at the US Navy and had a talk about compliance, records management and audit trails. The session was future extended by another speaker who explained something about IRM in sharepoint.

SharePoint Conference Seattle, Day 1

KeyNote 1 - Bill Gates Today was the first real day of sessions at the SharePoint Conference. It started of with two keynotes, first one was Bill Gates who had the amusing movie about his last day at Microsoft. After that he announced the Microsoft Online Services which you probably have already heard of. You can try the beta too. After that all it was some vision on the future. The 2008 wave is coming and what that will bring.

SharePoint Conference Seattle, Day 0

A small update from Seattle. Today was a very nice day with weather. We went to the space needle and went to the Olympic Statue Park. We also did some shopping and enjoyed the sun even more :) We went shopping with the group and at 18.00hours we checked into the SharePoint conference. There were a lot of people already there. They had check-in lines based on first letter of surname.

SharePoint Conference, the trip and day -1

Day -1? Yes, day -1. We’re already here on Saturday. On Sunday you can check in for the conference so that’s day 0 :) Flight The flight left 13:45 local time which was 40 minutes later due to “heavy winds”. Flight took the normal 10hours and we landed at about 15:00hours local time. There’s a 9 hour difference between Amsterdam and Seattle. Once here, everybody was tired from the trip, and customs was a long wait.