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C# using statement and the K2 APIs

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Recently in one of our projects, we had to do some performance optimizations that required us to look a bit closer at the resources our application used. In general, you should always dispose an object that’s implementing the IDisposable interface.

K2’s client API’s use a connection to the K2 server which needs to be closed and disposed after you’re done using them. In C# you can use the using-statement to dispose your objects when you’re done with it. The using-statement only works on objects that inherits from IDisposable.
Here are some examples of how to correctly use the using-statement when using K2 API’s.

WebPart LifeCycle - Cosumer/Provider trouble

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Hi, Ever made a webpart with a consumer/provider model in it? The system is very nice to work with and to create webparts with, but i did have some trouble handling a button click and using the provider… the WebParts’ lifecycle helps understand! I couln’t find it in msdn and i did some searching, found this blog but that didn’t help mutch since i’ve got a different response when stepping trough all the events…