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SharePoint Connection 2010 NL – Day 2

After the post from day 1, the post of day 2 couldn’t really be left behind. So here’s my take on the sessions I went to see.SharePoint Connection NL 2010 MSOL06: Nintex Workflow 2010: Extending 2010-Era SharePoint Workflow to End User and Enterprise Needs Alike by Mike Fitzmaurize As a K2 insider it seemed weird going to the Nintex session, but I went to see what they have to offer as it is always good to keep an open mind.

SharePoint Connection 2010 NL- Day 1

On the 18th of January, Microsoft Events organized a SharePoint Connection in the Amsterdam RAI. In this blog post I’ll post on the sessions I went to see. These are my notes and not a full report on the sessions. Keynote by Matthijs Hoekstra and Mike Fitzmaurice The keynote started with the nice promotional video that was also shown at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas back in October. It’s a nice movie with lots of fast moving images and music, good to wake up and get you in a good mood.