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K2 Workflow Client Services - Video by Eric Schaffer

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In my previous post, I wrote about the new Workflow Client Services that are available within K2. In my post, I created a small worklist page fully based on javascript/jquery/json. Eric Schaffer has made this video describing how you can do this, even creating a action pull down. The video is on youtube, so here’s a direct link:

K2 and jQuery: Creating a simple Worklist

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With the release of K2 Services in the 1290 release, we’re able to get all sorts of data using RESTful services. These services provide output in 3 formats:

  • XML
  • ATOM
  • JSON

XML is the default output. ATOM is a feed-style output which is in essence XML. And JSON is the one we’re going to use. JSON output can be seen as the serialized output of a JavaScript object. This makes it very easy to use in JavaScript and especially jQuery.