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Notes on K2 Inline functions

Yesteday I tweeted about inline functions and how to get your Icon working properly. Appart from all the info in Johnny’s blogpost, there are some other catches as well. Just because i keep forgetting them, here’s a mental note to myself.  It’s a normal class library Start your project with a normal .NET class library. Make sure it’s .NET 3.5. Add references to the following files: SourceCode.Framework SourceCode.Workflow.Functions – this one isn’t always needed.

Update a K2 ClientEvent URL using code

In our current project there are 18 processes with each at least 4 client events. There are even processes with 8 or 12 client events. We also have 1 webpart that handles all the client events. In the beginning we decide on the URL passing a parameter to allow the webpart to render correctly. The basis of that decision has (of course) changed and the querystring isn’t used anymore. This also means, that querystring only contains the SerialNumber.

Creating a K2 Deployment Package from code

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In our current project, we are using Tean Foundation Server to automate our build process. This also means MSI’s are created for every artifact to deploy, eventually using TFS’s functionality to deploy a new msi when the build quality is changed. MSI’s are build in a way so they can be installed from command line without user actions required (unattended installation). So, when we change the build quality of a build it can fully automatically be deployed to a testing environment.

Your VS2005 colors

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So, i’ve been wanting to optimize the colors in VS2005 since i’ll be coding a little more in the comming months. I have a big 24″ wide screen from Dell and all the white light of VS2005 makes me crazy after 8 hours… that sad, just check out this post at! I’m using Zenburn’s schema, it’s nice and darkish. I did change the contrast between colors a bit. In the default theme it is hard to see the difference between some items in VS2005, and that’s what the highlighting is for right?