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Back from Berlin, got a 400D

So, I came back from berlin on wednesday evening. The flight was fine and i even went to work on thursday and friday.We learned lots of new stuff in Berlin, i really linked the conference and hope to see the photo’s in a week or so. Some of the presentations are already online! I’ve also been looking at digital camera’s and after talking to the photografer at the conference i decided to go for the Canon 400D.

Day 1 of the Berlin SharePoint 2007 Conference

Yesterday was the first day in berlin. The flight (the day before yesterday) was short and dark. The landing was rather weird because it was cloudy and the pilot sad there was a freezing drizzle. So people looked at each other like ‘how are we going to brake?’. The wheels touched the ground and the pilot slammed the brakes, everything went as normal :) The airport was small but nice, then in a taxi to the hotel, checked in and had a drink with my collegues.