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Add AD-Group to SP2010 via CSOM

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Unfortunatly, projects aren’t always that fancy. In this case I’m still doing a bit of SP2010. Luckaly we do use CSOM to make it a bit interesting. CSOM has a lot of functionality, and theoretically you can say “it does everything the old-fashioned SPSite model does”. However, it can be a struggle. In this case, we needed to add a AD Group/User to sharepoint directly. Don’t ask, it’s a customer requirement.

Creating a subsite using the client side object model in SharePoint 2010

We’ve all seen loads of things to you can so with the new Client Side Object Model in SharePoint 2010. I’m personally loving it more and more! The only downside is, most examples and code is made to retrieve information. The object model can also be used to create things! Here’s a quick post on how we are creating subsites using the client side object model: using (ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext("

SharePoint Connection 2010 NL – Day 2

After the post from day 1, the post of day 2 couldn’t really be left behind. So here’s my take on the sessions I went to see.SharePoint Connection NL 2010 MSOL06: Nintex Workflow 2010: Extending 2010-Era SharePoint Workflow to End User and Enterprise Needs Alike by Mike Fitzmaurize As a K2 insider it seemed weird going to the Nintex session, but I went to see what they have to offer as it is always good to keep an open mind.

SharePoint Connection 2010 NL- Day 1

On the 18th of January, Microsoft Events organized a SharePoint Connection in the Amsterdam RAI. In this blog post I’ll post on the sessions I went to see. These are my notes and not a full report on the sessions. Keynote by Matthijs Hoekstra and Mike Fitzmaurice The keynote started with the nice promotional video that was also shown at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas back in October. It’s a nice movie with lots of fast moving images and music, good to wake up and get you in a good mood.

SharePoint Conference Seattle, Day 2

Update is a little slow, lots of things to do here, the rest of the days will probably be when i’m back at home :S AG300 - Your data is in SharePoint, Now What? This session was presented by Adam Buenz, he works at the US Navy and had a talk about compliance, records management and audit trails. The session was future extended by another speaker who explained something about IRM in sharepoint.

WebPart LifeCycle - Cosumer/Provider trouble

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Hi, Ever made a webpart with a consumer/provider model in it? The system is very nice to work with and to create webparts with, but i did have some trouble handling a button click and using the provider… the WebParts’ lifecycle helps understand! I couln’t find it in msdn and i did some searching, found this blog but that didn’t help mutch since i’ve got a different response when stepping trough all the events…

Day 1 of the Berlin SharePoint 2007 Conference

Yesterday was the first day in berlin. The flight (the day before yesterday) was short and dark. The landing was rather weird because it was cloudy and the pilot sad there was a freezing drizzle. So people looked at each other like ‘how are we going to brake?’. The wheels touched the ground and the pilot slammed the brakes, everything went as normal :) The airport was small but nice, then in a taxi to the hotel, checked in and had a drink with my collegues.