SharePoint Connection 2010 NL – Day 2

After the post from day 1, the post of day 2 couldn’t really be left behind. So here’s my take on the sessions I went to see.SharePoint Connection NL 2010 MSOL06: Nintex Workflow 2010: Extending 2010-Era SharePoint Workflow to End User and Enterprise Needs Alike by Mike Fitzmaurize As a K2 insider it seemed weird going to the Nintex session, but I went to see what they have to offer as it is always good to keep an open mind.

SharePoint Connection 2010 NL- Day 1

On the 18th of January, Microsoft Events organized a SharePoint Connection in the Amsterdam RAI. In this blog post I’ll post on the sessions I went to see. These are my notes and not a full report on the sessions. Keynote by Matthijs Hoekstra and Mike Fitzmaurice The keynote started with the nice promotional video that was also shown at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas back in October. It’s a nice movie with lots of fast moving images and music, good to wake up and get you in a good mood.

Update a K2 ClientEvent URL using code

In our current project there are 18 processes with each at least 4 client events. There are even processes with 8 or 12 client events. We also have 1 webpart that handles all the client events. In the beginning we decide on the URL passing a parameter to allow the webpart to render correctly. The basis of that decision has (of course) changed and the querystring isn’t used anymore. This also means, that querystring only contains the SerialNumber.

InfoPath (+K2): The form has been closed

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InfoPath forms services is widely discussed product, you either love it or hate it. You mostly hate it because you would want more from the product then you can get, you’re then simply running into the boundaries of InfoPath. IMHO this is a limitation of working with out of the box products. K2 BlackPearl is able to integrate really well with InfoPath and is able to use InfoPath Forms Server so you don’t need the full client on all the client machines.

807 Released, References changed.

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So, as you all might know 807 has been released (Jippy!) Apart from some startup problems i’m very happy with this release, the performance is very good and i really enjoy opening and editing workflow on my slow VMware session :) I really notice the performance upgrade, it really works very well so try it out ASAP :) You can read all/more about it at other K2 insiders’ blogposts: Ramble On Johnny’s K2 Blog K2 and Moss Collaboration Distillery (On the bet As you might know, we use program to create a MSBuild package, that MSBuildpackage is run on the TFS buildserver.

Creating a K2 Deployment Package from code

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In our current project, we are using Tean Foundation Server to automate our build process. This also means MSI’s are created for every artifact to deploy, eventually using TFS’s functionality to deploy a new msi when the build quality is changed. MSI’s are build in a way so they can be installed from command line without user actions required (unattended installation). So, when we change the build quality of a build it can fully automatically be deployed to a testing environment.