807 Released, References changed.

So, as you all might know 807 has been released (Jippy!)

Apart from some startup problems i’m very happy with this release, the performance is very good and i really enjoy opening and editing workflow on my slow VMware session :) I really notice the performance upgrade, it really works very well so try it out ASAP :)

You can read all/more about it at other K2 insiders’ blogposts:

As you might know, we use program to create a MSBuild package, that MSBuildpackage is run on the TFS buildserver. Actually, the code posted a while back doesn’t work anymore and i’m planning to write a blogpost on how it’s done now (not very hard!).

For now, we also update the references in the K2 processes to it uses the latest Assembly’s from the buildserver. In the past we just updated the Reference.Path, but that’s not possible anymore. So, we simply replace the assemblies and then compile the process.

project = new Project();

for (int pC = 0; pC < project.Files.Count; pC += 1)
if (project.Files[pC].FileName.EndsWith("kprx") && !project.Files[pC].Excluded)
Console.WriteLine("KPRX to compile: " + project.Files[pC].Name);


SourceCode.Workflow.Authoring.Process process = (Process)project.Files[pC].Content;
List<Reference> replaceList = new List<Reference>();
foreach (Reference r in process.References)
if (r.CopyLocal && r.FullName.StartsWith("AssemblyPrefix"))
foreach (Reference r in replaceList)
string dllName = r.Path.Substring(r.Path.LastIndexOf("AssemblyPrefix"));
string newPath = string.Format(@"c:\PathToBuildOutput\{0}", dllName);

AssemblyReference aRef = new AssemblyReference(newPath);
Console.WriteLine("Replaced reference {0} with {1}", r.FullName, newPath);
results = project.Compile();

Hope it help and sorry for the ‘paste without intend’, wordpress sucks :)