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K2's Custom Event Notification - Twitter

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The K2 BlackPearl platform as it stands today is a large platform with a lot of out of the box functionality. When using out of the box products, I always fear that it might be too limited. When doing K2 projects I sometimes hit those boundaries, but I’m always able to use one of K2’s extension options to help me out. A custom action for the Event Bus (what this blog post is about) is just one of the possibilities.

Update a K2 ClientEvent URL using code

In our current project there are 18 processes with each at least 4 client events. There are even processes with 8 or 12 client events. We also have 1 webpart that handles all the client events. In the beginning we decide on the URL passing a parameter to allow the webpart to render correctly. The basis of that decision has (of course) changed and the querystring isn’t used anymore. This also means, that querystring only contains the SerialNumber.