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K2 SmartObject Service and Versioning

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This blogpost is outdated. Please see K2 SmartObject Services – Configuration update static endpoint if you have any problems with the K2HostServer.config file changes.

Since the coming of the K2 SmartObject Service in KB1230 , people might have noticed the smartobjectVersion parameter in the managedEndpoints definition. Since SmartObjects have been around, they always had a version. The version number starts at 0 (zero) and increases by 1 (one) when the SmartObject is deployed.

K2 1290 is released

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This morning I received a happy e-mail from the K2 team about the release of 1290. In short, this release includes the following: K2 Pass-Through Authentication – An alternative to Kerberos! Process definition delete K2 Designer for SharePoint – Process naming and sharing Office 2010 ribbon in K2 Studio Documentation has been improved and enhanced K2 Services – REST Enabled Services CRUD support for K2 SmartObject Services via REST Updated Wizards Code Reference Event Enhancements – Ability to reuse returns from previous service calls in K2 Designer for Visual Studio and K2 Studio Usability Improvements for lists of metadata – Ability to search and filter lists of metadata.

C# using statement and the K2 APIs

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Recently in one of our projects, we had to do some performance optimizations that required us to look a bit closer at the resources our application used. In general, you should always dispose an object that’s implementing the IDisposable interface.

K2’s client API’s use a connection to the K2 server which needs to be closed and disposed after you’re done using them. In C# you can use the using-statement to dispose your objects when you’re done with it. The using-statement only works on objects that inherits from IDisposable.
Here are some examples of how to correctly use the using-statement when using K2 API’s.

KB001200 now available

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Just a quick post to let you know that the KB001200 that i posted about, is now available! Customers that already have a K2 blackpearl/blackpoint license can download this update from their customer portal. There’s a PDF up that shows all the features (and know issues). And if you want to upgrade, check this PDF.