K2's 4.5 RC is here.

Nearly every SharePoint blog is reporting on the release date of SharePoint 2010. You might have not noticed that K2 has released the RC version of the all important 4.5 :)
The RC version is available via the K2 Portal site under the beta download section. This also means it’s only available for the current partners, customers and insiders.

Here are the main enhancements (copied from the release notes):

  1. New support for:

    1. Windows Server 2008, including R2
    2. SQL Server 2008
    3. Visual Studio 2008
  2. Non- AD Installation

  3. SSL Support

  4. Inline Functions

  5. Reports

    1. New filters and parameters
    2. Using SmartObject direct execution functionality
  6. Performance enhancements to SmartObjects and the K2 Workflow Server

  7. In MOSS/WSS K2 configuration Features are deployed as solutions

  8. K2 Designer for SharePoint enhancements include:

    1. Inline Functions
    2. SmartObject Filters
    3. Custom Work Item Notification
    4. Process Data Fields
    5. New Wizards
  9. Internationalization of the codebase

  10. Numerous documentation updates

  11. Inclusion of all Updates

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More URL’s coming…