Settings border size in Windows 7

I started running windows 7 a few weeks ago. I (as everybody does) like it a lot. I disliked the new start-bar and changed it back to the old behavior, simply because i don’t want to click twice to open the correct explorer window.

The other part that I’ve changed is the size of the borders on windows. To do that:


  1. Go to Personalize by right clicking on your desktop.


  1. In the Personalize screen, select Window Color

Windows colour

  1. In the screen that pops up, select “Advanced appearance settings”


  1. Now you’ll get the normal screen you’re used to from XP and earlier. You select “Border Padding” to change the transparent border on the windows. You can also change the “Caption Buttons” to change the way the Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons look. Be careful with the last one. Your taskbar items will also be smaller.


  1. Click “Ok” :-)

So, the reason i blogged about this? I wasn’t able to find this very quickly and i needed a reason to try out LiveWriter :-)