Windows Movie Maker


I’ve just reinstalled Windows XP on my laptop, yes you read it, windows XP. Why XP and not Vista? basicly because i’ve tried it and it doesn’t work fast enough for me, and why waste resources when i want to save those resources for VMWare. Now saving resources is important and i frequently check my program files if there is any software that can be uninstalled to save some disk space (not that it helps any time i do uninstall something).

With a fresh XP installation, you get Movie Maker with your XP install, i can read it is great stuff for editing video’s and all out-of-the-box with XP, what does a customer want to do more? Well.. uninstall, but apparently that’s harder then it looks.. i can’t find it in my add/remove software and when i just deleted the folder with total commander the files where gone but the directory stayed. Checking back in the directory the files where there again, huh? There again? Yes. it reinstalls itself.

Googleing on the subject reveils that you have to do this:

  1. Open Notepad.exe
  2. Copy the following into it:
@echo off  
del “%SystemRoot%\system32\dllcache\*wmm*.dll”  
del “%SystemRoot%\system32\dllcache\moviemk.exe”  
del “%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker\*.*”  
rmdir /s “%ProgramFiles%\Movie Maker”  
  1. save it as abc.bat
  2. restart your computer in safe mode
  3. run abc.bat
  4. when prompted wheather to delete, type “y”
  5. when finished restart computer, thats it

Well, great stuff!

How did this happen? When did somebody decide that windows can’t do without movie maker? I bet there is a good explanation for it, but come on!