First post!

Hi Foks,

Today i installed this WordPress blogging software. You must wonder why? Well, simple, i’d like to tell the world some things about my work and hobby. I’ve been playing around with the hole blogin’ idea. I do feal I’m late at the game, but then again, i’m not planning on masses of people going here ;-)

So what will you be finding here?

Stuff about work: I work at GetronicsPinkRoccade and i do a lot of small research, some things i’d like to share with the world and my colleages. This will mostly be SharePoint 2007/microsoft stuff.

About the hobby: Some people know i race with R/C cars. There’s a lot of information, photo’s, newsites on the web about that. This year i’ll be racing the EC-B in belgium. I’m hoping to write some reports on that race, I also race the Dutch National Championship. There’s also lots of development on the car so, some info about that too. I’m also planning in buying a Canon 400D, so photography will probably be an item on this blog too.

So, why start now?

Well, tonight i’m leving for Berlin for the Sharepoint 2007 conference, and there’s been some development in the R/C racing that sort of requires me to have a place to write reports….

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