Back from Berlin, got a 400D

So, I came back from berlin on wednesday evening. The flight was fine and i even went to work on thursday and friday.We learned lots of new stuff in Berlin, i really linked the conference and hope to see the photo’s in a week or so. Some of the presentations are already online!

I’ve also been looking at digital camera’s and after talking to the photografer at the conference i decided to go for the Canon 400D. Aldo i’m worried about the grip i desided to just try it and see how it feels. Now i have the camera in front me and i’m happy for now. Only thing left is a good subject, so i’m thinking of just driving somewhere to see full scale cars come by and see how that goes. I’m still on the default lens so, let’s see what happens :)

Day 1 of the Berlin SharePoint 2007 Conference

Yesterday was the first day in berlin. The flight (the day before yesterday) was short and dark. The landing was rather weird because it was cloudy and the pilot sad there was a freezing drizzle. So people looked at each other like ‘how are we going to brake?’. The wheels touched the ground and the pilot slammed the brakes, everything went as normal :)

The airport was small but nice, then in a taxi to the hotel, checked in and had a drink with my collegues.

Sessions – really day 1
So, yesterday was the real day of the conference. I’m not going to describe every session, but some where good and some wheren’t. I gues that was to be expected :)

The K2 blackperl session was good, the presenter wasn’t that good and he went very quick, also he’s demo crashed or had bugs. In general i think K2 Black perl will add a lot of stuff to the ECM project that i’m working on. I can’t wait to get the beta and start working on it.

Another presentation that i liked was the one from Patrick Tiggesem from U2U. The info was good, low level but also a little in depth. I went to two sessions from him and i sure hope he stops mentioning that SmartPart, that shameless plugg drops by every time you hear a session from the U2U guys. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice product, but come on, stop promoting it like it’s a requirement!

Evening program
In the evening we had a diner, what impressed me was the enormous room where with all the tables set up in under 2 hours. It reminds me of the AXA Cathering that Gasterij De Vendel had when i still worked there part time. I do see a lot of people walking around doing lot’s of stuff, compliments to Hotel Estrel.

First post!

Hi Foks,

Today i installed this WordPress blogging software. You must wonder why? Well, simple, i’d like to tell the world some things about my work and hobby. I’ve been playing around with the hole blogin’ idea. I do feal I’m late at the game, but then again, i’m not planning on masses of people going here ;-)

So what will you be finding here?

Stuff about work: I work at GetronicsPinkRoccade and i do a lot of small research, some things i’d like to share with the world and my colleages. This will mostly be SharePoint 2007/microsoft stuff.

About the hobby: Some people know i race with R/C cars. There’s a lot of information, photo’s, newsites on the web about that. This year i’ll be racing the EC-B in belgium. I’m hoping to write some reports on that race, I also race the Dutch National Championship. There’s also lots of development on the car so, some info about that too. I’m also planning in buying a Canon 400D, so photography will probably be an item on this blog too.

So, why start now?

Well, tonight i’m leving for Berlin for the Sharepoint 2007 conference, and there’s been some development in the R/C racing that sort of requires me to have a place to write reports….